Family Shoot – Bryngarw Country Park

Children and Families

Family Photography

This family shoot took place on a lovely warm evening in May..

Teigan and Maisy’s mum wanted some family photographs that showed her beautiful girls at this lovely innocent age. Images she can keep forever.

We decided to Go to Bryngarw Country Park as it is somewhere they like to visit as a family. Having photographs of them in one of their favourite places is something meaningful. The park has many different areas to it, woodland walks, bluebell woods, a river and even a japanese garden.

From the moment we got to Bryngarw Country Park these girls were off! Climbing up muddy banks and sliding back down, exploring every nook and cranny of the woodlands, finding the smoothest stone to throw in the river and seeing who could climb the highest tree!
Totally fearless and looking for adventure, these girls were a pleasure to photograph.

Natural Style

Being a lifestyle photographer means I like to capture images as naturally as possible to give you real moments. Teigan and Maisy certainly gave me plenty of those!

I loved to see the girls’ true characters as they played together, competing over who could find the biggest stick or who could spin around the fastest! It’s moments like this that I look to capture. With such beautiful light on this evening too so I was in my element!

Child portraiture doesn’t always need to be posed, I like to to let children run and play and ‘be themselves’ as much as possible. This is when I see their real spirits and it’s what I love the most. Keeping up with them, well that’s a different story!

This family shoot was a joy, and the girls had such fun too. By the end of it they were most definitely ready for bed! I do hope you enjoy looking through their images xx