Newborn Photography

The birth of a baby is a very special time, a time that flies by all too quickly!

Your baby is only a newborn for such a short time, and you don’t have long to capture images of those gorgeous tiny features, it is so lovely to look back and remember just how small they were!

They change so much during the first few weeks and the 'ideal' time for a newborn baby to be photographed is up to 10 days old. This is due to them being asleep more at this age, plus they still have their curled up shape they had inside the womb and it is therefore easier to get those natural newborn images.

Babies are gorgeous at every age however and there are no rules as to when you should have your baby photos done, the following is a guide, you can have your photographs taken at any age that suits you.


I get asked for my opinion on what is the ‘best’ time to photograph a baby...

Up to 10 days – baby is sleepy, curled up. It is possible to get very beautiful, even naked images, but chances are baby’s eyes will be shut. This is the perfect time to get your newborn images!

Around 3 months – baby is smiley, interactive but still only able to lie down. A lovely age to capture beautiful images.

Around 10 months – or at the age they can sit unassisted. This is a nice time for 'sitting' images, baby will react and show adorable expressions. It’s a short window before they begin to move!

Toddling – this will be a very cute stage in your child’s life – but probably the hardest for you to record due to them being so active but incredibly sweet! 


My Newborn shoots are usually indoors and as a lifestyle photographer I think it is lovely for your shoot to take place in your own home, so I can come to you. The images will feel 'real' and capture life with your newborn as it is, which is what my style of photography is about.

I will also do some gently posed shots for you and I will bring a selection of blankets for these, however using baby's own blankets and toys is something I like to do too, to give you memories with their favourite things.

I look to capture tender moments between you and your baby, relaxed in your own surroundings.

I want to give you images that will be amongst your most treasured!


Maternity Photography


Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life and deserves to be celebrated!

I think it is beautiful to have images of such an important time, a time that before you know it is over and life is occupied by your new little bundle!

Pregnancy is beautiful, you are beautiful, and I love to be able to give you images of yourself during this most incredible stage of life.

The best time for you to have your maternity shoot done is at around 30-36 weeks. This is when your bump will be nice and round but not yet too heavy.

You can decide where you'd like your shoot to take place, you might like a location shoot such as a beach or a place with special meaning to you, or you might like it at your own home. We could always combine a couple of locations if they're not too far apart if you'd like images with different 'feels' to them. Take a look at my gallery to see images in various locations.

I also think it is lovely if your partner or maybe other children might like to be in some of the photographs too, a new baby is a family experience and I welcome their involvement!

I offer a maternity shoot on it's own, and I also offer a 'Bump to Baby' collection which combines both a maternity and a newborn shoot.


I take care to edit each image by hand to create a unique collection for you.

While digital images are important I believe photographs should be printed, it shows them at their best and I think they should be seen! In addition to USB collections I also offer high quality prints and can also design beautiful bespoke albums if you wish.


Please get in touch if you have any questions or are interested in booking, I'd love to hear from you!