I love this most incredible stage of life because pregnancy is beautiful and you are beautiful. 

You carry your baby for 9 months and that time is so special. Your body does an amazing job as it grows and takes care of your baby so It’s lovely to have photographs to document this wonderful stage of life.

The best time for you to have your maternity photography shoot done is at around 30-36 weeks because this is when your bump will be nice and round but not yet too heavy.

You can decide where you’d like your shoot to take place, for example maybe somewhere like a beach or a place with special meaning to you? Or you might like it to take place in the comfort of your own home so you can feel truly relaxed.

If you’d like images with different ‘feels’ to them then we could always combine a couple of locations. 

Pregnancy Couple Photography

Your partner or other children might like to be in some of the photographs too and that’s lovely. A new baby is a family experience and it’s gorgeous to have family photographs together so I welcome their involvement!

Pregnancy couple photography is also lovely because it captures that special time together before your baby arrives. I love to show all that excitement and emotion as you look forward to your new arrival!

Capturing your feelings together and sharing the experience is truly lovely and a time that you will love looking back on.  

I offer a maternity photography shoot on it’s own and also a ‘Bump to Baby’ collection. This combines both a pregnancy shoot and a newborn shoot to give to a full coverage of your maternity experience.

Take a look at my pricing page which gives details of the costs.


a blonde pregnant woman wearing a white shirt sitting crossed legged on a grey sofa
a couple on a beach during a maternity photography shoot





By taking care to edit each image by hand I create a unique collection of images for you.

While digital images are important I believe photographs should be printed! It shows them at their best and I think they should be seen. In addition to USB collections I also offer high quality prints and can also design beautiful bespoke albums if you wish.