Family Photographer FAQ


Where should I have my shoot done?

Being a  South Wales family photographer we are spoiled for choice with gorgeous locations to have your shoot done!

You can decide on the location of your shoot, you may have a special place that has meaning to you or that you simply love. Alternatively I can suggest some places that I know work well. Think about whether you’d like a beach shoot or perhaps you might prefer a more floral setting so a nice park or garden might be where you’d like to go. If you look through my gallery on the Families page it may give you some family photography ideas too.

What should we wear?

Once you’ve decided where you’d like your shoot to take place we can discuss together colours that would work well in your chosen environment.What you and your children wear is important as it can make a difference to the ‘look’ of your images. Generally speaking soft, neutral tones work well in most cases but we can talk about what will work best for you and the style that you want to go for.


What is the best time of day to have my photographs taken?

I will advise you on the best time of day for your particular shoot, it will depend on the time of year as the light varies greatly according to the seasons. I want to get the best images that I can for you and that does depend a lot on the light at the time, for example during the summer months I avoid the brightest part of the day and will book your shoot for later in the day to get the softest light. If you are having a beach shoot I will also look at the tide times to make sure we have enough beach!

How many images will I get?

You will receive 50 images in both screen and print resolution on a USB. These have each been edited individually. If you want to order prints or albums you can do this too afterwards.

When will I get my images?

I aim to have your images ready within 4 weeks. During very busy times of year this may be a bit longer but I try to get your images to you within the timescale.

How do I book you?

You can book by using the form on my Contact page, you can also ask me any other questions you may have too.