Destination Wedding Photography in Venice, Italy

In early February I attended a Destination Wedding Photography workshop ran by The Cwtch Workshop based in South Wales. The workshop is run by Rachel Lambert and Sian Owen, both established destination wedding photographers here in Wales.

I could not resist when I saw the workshop was being held in Venice! Being part Italian, and always wanting to visit Venice this was the perfect opportunity for me to not only learn about photographing destination weddings and have the chance to photograph a newly married couple in such a beautiful setting, but to also explore this wonderful and unusual city. The added bonus was that we would be in Venice during the carnival! Even more exciting!

On the first day I met with Rachel, Sian and the other attendees and we got to know each other over a cup of tea in their apartment. They were a great bunch of ladies and we were all very excited about shooting in Venice!

The setting for our first shoot was a beautiful courtyard below the apartment. It had been styled by Lola of Walnut & Willow and the bouquets and table arrangements were just stunning…
Our newlyweds Jude and Neil were a dream to photograph and the light this afternoon created some great opportunities.
I loved the setting of the courtyard, there were many areas that made for great shots and i loved how the light varied in each one giving different tones to the images.

I always prefer to photograph real couples during workshops as their real feelings show in the images, models are great but I always like to show authentic moments. Having got married just last October Jude and Neil are newlyweds and still very much in the honeymoon period!

On day 2 we met in Piazza St.Marco at 6.45am! It was still dark and there were just us and the pigeons! The pretty lit walkway with it’s stunning marble pillars was the scene for our first shot of the morning. This was the prefect opportunity for some silhouete images (I could envisage these in black and white) I was also able to take some closer images of Jude and Neil, in the dim morning light I love the moody feel to them.
The sun began to rise pretty quickly from there and we moved to the moorings of the gondolas, and Doge’s Palace, now THIS was the shot I wanted most of all!
The setting was incredible and the light was outstanding! I always talk about how excited I get when I see “perfect light” and I think this was the more stunning light I have photographed in. Morning light has a beautiful softness to it, and today it was a soft gold which lit Jude and Neil beautifully…

As the shoot was going on and the square became busier Jude and Neil caused quite a stir and became the subjects of many tourists taking photos around the Carnival! We were surrounded by people wearing incredible costumes and masks, there was constantly something to shoot and I felt in my element!

One of my favorite images of the day was when I saw Neil take out his phone to get a quick selfie of him and Jude both with the pigeons flying around them in Piazza St. Marco, It’s candid moments like this that I look for and I need to act fast to capture them. I’m so glad I got this shot! It’s a real moment, and one that brings a smile to the face.

Being in a foreign country felt so refreshing, hearing the Italian language all around me made me smile the whole time and made me think of my lovely Nonna who came from Florence. This was the first time I have visited Italy in several years and I loved being back. I think Italy is the perfect place for a destination wedding with so much beauty and seriously amazing light!

If you are considering a destination wedding then I don’t think you would be disappointed with Venice, and if you are looking for a wedding photographer I would love you to get in touch!

I was honoured to be asked by SIGMA to document my experience of using the SIGMA 24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Art Lens during my trip. Read about my experience of shooting with the lens on the SIGMA Lounge blog!

Oh, and I recommend Venice to anyone who hasn’t been, I simply fell in love with it!