Coed-y-Mwstwr Wedding-Jaye & Lloyd


Last Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing Jaye & Lloyd’s spring wedding at Coed-y-Mwstwr Hotel.
I’d been looking forward to this wedding as I’d previously photographed their youngest daughter Abi for her 1st birthday. I’d also photographed Jaye & Lloyd shortly after their engagement for a lovely engagement shoot on Llantwit Major beach.


Bridal Prep

The wedding day began early with the makeup artist and hairdresser arriving to begin the bridal preparations.
I love this part of the day because bridal preparations are always full of excitement! As the bridesmaids and flower girls busily got ready I spent time capturing natural shots of the preparations. Along with detailed images of the dresses, rings and beautiful bouquets.

The colours Jaye & Lloyd chose were right up my street too! Soft blush pink and rose gold giving a dreamy combination.
Floral arrangements were by Lena’s Blooms and were beautiful. She had also decorated the reception room with rose petals in the perfect blush pink which sat inside glass baubles as part of the table centre-pieces.
I loved how Jaye’s bouquet had her very special charm bracelet tied around the stem. This was such a lovely idea.
Jaye was absolutely beautiful in her dress and her nerves were actually pretty calm!

The Groom’s Arrival

I met Lloyd and his groomsmen as they arrived in a stunning white Bentley. I knew when they were coming as you could hear the engine roar coming from a mile off! As it pulled up outside the Coed-y-Mwstwr and Lloyd stepped out I could see he had a few nerves showing!

I do like to get images of the groom before the ceremony. This is when you see his true self with the nerves and anticipation before he sees his bride for the first time…

The Ceremony

Jaye & Lloyd’s daughters, Lucy & Abi, led the bridal procession down the aisle. Scattering rose petals as they went they were followed by the bridesmaids and the beautiful bride herself. Lloyd beamed when he saw Jaye and Jaye finally showed her nerves at this point too!

It is always a privilege to be present at a couple’s wedding because it is such an intimate and special time. Photographing this incredibly personal moment is something I never take for granted. It always fills me with happiness hearing a bride and groom exchange their vows and whilst I am quietly documenting the ceremony I am smiling from ear to ear throughout it.
I felt very aware of it at Jaye & Lloyd’s wedding and I couldn’t stop smiling for them!


The Reception

The wedding breakfast took place in the Hendre Suite at the Coed-y-Mwstwr Hotel. It had been beautifully styled by Jan Holmes Weddings & Events and every detail was gorgeous! Rose gold sequinned table runners! Like I say, my cup of tea!
As for the cake, this was made up of 3 tiers of individually decorated cup cakes and a top wedding cake. It was just so pretty!


The Shots

Jaye had said she’d like a heart shaped group shot, and what the bride wants, the bride gets!
This took a bit of engineering but after marking out the perfect heart shape using sports markers, (I always come prepared) I asked everyone to stand inside it, and voila! The perfect heart!

After emotional and amusing speeches, the wedding breakfast was underway and the afternoon was captured naturally as it unfolded.
The day had been overcast and sadly didn’t allow for any sunlit shots. BUT… Just 10 minutes before Jaye & Lloyd were about to do their first dance, I looked outside and saw the sun gleaming off the cars in the car park!
I knew if I wanted to get these shots, THIS was my only chance as I knew it’d only be there for a short time!
I dashed over to ask Jaye if she would like these shots, and would she mind giving me just 10 more minutes?! Yes she agreed! As did Lloyd, so off we dashed!
At the back of the Coed-y-Mwstwr Hotel is a wooded area and the sun was glowing through the trees. Pure golden evening light! (anyone who knows me knows I get excited by beautiful light!)
I was able to take some lovely portraits. I’m always so happy when couples trust me enough to allow me a bit of their time, so thank you Jaye & Lloyd!

The Party

Back to the reception party, there was the first dance, the shoe-game (always great fun!) and an INSANELY brilliant magician!

I mean SERIOUSLY brilliant. Adam James Reeves – honestly – if you want some amazing entertainment at your wedding (or any event for that matter) book this guy! I don’t understand how he does it. It’s totally insane!

On that note, I ended this wonderful day feeling happy, confused (that magician!) and utterly filled with excitement at the prospect of editing Jaye & Lloyd’s wedding photographs!

So here is a preview of their amazing day at Coed-y-Mwstwr Hotel which I hope you enjoy!