Beach Family Photography Shoot – Ogmore-by-Sea

Children and Families

Beach Shoot

On a warm June evening I photographed this lovely family at Ogmore-by-Sea beach. The two brothers Tom & Sam had so much fun climbing the ruined castle walls and crossing the stepping stones across the river. They brought Teddy their cute little puppy with them too! He was so adorable!
We began at Ogmore Castle in the early evening and from there made our way down the road to the beach.

I love Ogmore beach for photography shoots, it is such a large flat beach with rock pools and grasses offering a variety of locations for taking images.
On this evening the tide was out giving plenty of space for the boys to run uninterrupted. I always check the tide times for beach shoots along with the time for sunset to give the best time for the light and the beach, there’s more to consider than just the weather with the beach!

Tom and Sam couldn’t resist running into the sea and splashing around! – What kid doesn’t?! My boys always run straight in so I always know to recommend to bring a change of clothes for going home afterwards too!
The sun was gorgeous this evening, it was warm and golden and as the time went on it became more beautiful.


Family Photographs

While Tom and Sam’s mum wanted the photographs to be of just the boys, I encouraged her and the boy’s Dad to have a few photographs of all of them together walking along the shore.
I love these shots, as parents we can often forget to include ourselves in photographs, focusing mainly on the children. But we should be in them! So I do like it when parents are happy to have them taken, even if it’s just a few!
They never regret it once they see the images, and it’s just as important to remember how you are as a family together and lovely to look back on.

I think the beach is my favourite place for a family photography shoot and I feel so lucky that we are near so many lovely ones…

I hope you enjoy looking through these images as much as I enjoyed taking them!