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I’m Zelda and I’m a Documentary Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in South Wales. 




The beginning

I’m very proud of my Cornish/Welsh/Italian roots. Growing up in Cornwall “in the sticks”, the lanes and countryside were my playground. My brother, sister and I would explore the woods and fields and days felt full of adventure. The countryside has always felt like home and I loved the colours that were all around me growing up. Even the grey drizzly Cornish winters! Going to the beach was a big part of my childhood so I’ve always felt a connection to the sea never wanting to live far from the coast. It’s these places that have stuck with me and the reason why I prefer outdoor photography. I see the beauty in all seasons and love the changing colours and moods each one brings.


Being the daughter of an Artist and a Musician it was no surprise that the Arts were my favourite subjects at school. I studied Art and Drama at college and followed that with a foundation Art course. The photography section of the course was my favourite part and little did I know 20 years later it would come back and become so important to me.

Having lived in various places since leaving school (the Cotswolds, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bournemouth and then Cornwall again!) I have now settled in South Wales. I have family here and have known the area my whole life so it’s always felt like home.

After leaving college I worked for 15 years as a Cosmetic manager for Chanel, Clinique and Lancome. The most rewarding part of the job was making women feel good about themselves. I prided myself on being approachable and being able to listen. 

But when I had my first child I became a full-time mum which has been my most demanding job by far!



My Inspiration

I love old films. Growing up I used to watch them with my Nonna, she had shelves of videos full of them! My love of watching an old film on a rainy Sunday has stuck with me ever since.

‘Gone With The Wind’, ‘Singing In The Rain’, ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Some Like It Hot’ are just a few I love ~ Classic Hollywood films never get old to me!

From that I’ve always had a love of 30’s, 40’s & 50’s style and music and these eras inspire me to this day.


How I became a lifestyle photographer

My 2 wonderful boys are where my love for photography truly began.

I always wanted photos of them at different stages of their lives so having a record of special moments was something important to me. (And the not so special moments too which were often the most lovely!) Those photos are still framed on my walls today because they are my memories and they mean so much to me. 

My photography training began at my local college where I learned basic photography skills and then progressed to an advanced course. I loved photographing people naturally and discovered that being a documentary photographer was something that I was naturally drawn to.

Training & Mentoring

But I needed to know how to develop myself, my skills and my work into a photography business. I knew I wanted to train with the renowned photographer and Sony ambassador Kate Hopewell-Smith. She is a luxury wedding photographer and lifestyle photographer whose work takes her all over the world. Her work is exquisite and her training and business ethics really appealed to me.

At around the time I was looking into her training courses and mentoring programme I saw that she was starting up a brand new training school called Training by Lumiere.


“This was made for me!” was my first thought and I knew I just had to join their training programme. I was a delegate on their first ever 6 month foundation training programme and I am very proud to have been trained and mentored by Kate. 

Along with her husband, filmmaker Brent Kirkman, they covered all aspects of running a photography business and trained me in valuable photography skills. I continue to learn so much from them and see my business as an ever evolving learning experience. I have most certainly learned, and continue to learn from the best in the industry

Over time I developed my style and as I love natural wedding photos I was drawn to lifestyle wedding photography. This style tells the story of your day as it naturally unfolds. I combine documentary, lifestyle photos with gently styled portraits to give a gallery of both natural candid moments and beautiful portraiture you will want framed on your wall!



Being a South Wales wedding photographer I am privileged to have shot weddings in some of the most gorgeous Welsh wedding venues. Over the past 3 years I have photographed weddings in Wales, Cornwall, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset and Shropshire. (Phew that’s a lot of travelling!)

Take a look at my Blog to see some of the various work I have done and the venues I have worked at. I love travelling to new places and always welcome enquiries from different parts of the U.K.

Whatever part of the country you are getting married in, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would love to hear your wedding plans! And I promise to make your wedding photography a fun and enjoyable part of your wedding!


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