About Zelda Rhiannon

 "Capturing love and feelings, telling your stories through pictures"


My Background


Hi, I’m Zelda and I'm a professional Wedding and Family Lifestyle Photographer based in South Wales.  Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me.

Here is a little bit about me and my roots so you can get to know where I come from and how I approach photography. I hope from my images you can see how much I love photography and reading about me can give you a background about me as a person.

I’m very proud of my Cornish/Welsh/Italian roots. I grew up in Cornwall “in the sticks” and as a child the lanes and countryside were my playground, my brother, sister and I would explore the woods and fields and days felt full of adventure. I have always felt at home in the countryside and I loved the colours that were all around me growing up, yes, even the grey drizzly Cornish winters! Going to the beach was always a big part of my childhood too and I’ve always felt a connection to the sea, never wanting to live far from the coast. It’s these places that have stuck with me and why I prefer outdoor photography. I see the beauty in all seasons and love the changing colours and moods each one brings.

Being the daughter of an Artist and a Musician it was no surprise that the Arts were always my favourite subjects at school, I studied Art and Drama at college and although it was only a very small part of my foundation Art course, Photography was by far my favourite. That was 20 years ago now and little did I know how it would come back and become so important to me..

Having lived in various places since leaving Cornwall aged 14 (the Cotswolds, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bournemouth, and then Cornwall again!) I have now settled in South Wales, I have family here and have known the area my whole life, it has always been my second home and I love living here.

I worked for 15 years as a Cosmetic Consultant, the most rewarding part of the job being making ladies feel good about themselves, I always prided myself on being approachable, being able to listen, and having many regular returning customers. When I had my first child however I became a full-time mum, the most demanding job I’ve done by far!



How I came to photography


I have 2 wonderful boys and it is with them that my love for photography truly began..

I always wanted photos of them at different stages of their lives and having a record of special moments (and the not so special, often the most lovely!) was something important to me. Those photos are still framed on my walls today, because they are my memories and they mean so much. 

I started training at my local college where I learned basic photography skills and then progressed to an advanced course, by now I most definitely had the bug!

I needed to know how to develop myself, my skills and my work into a photography business. I knew I wanted to train with the renowned photographer and Sony ambassador Kate Hopewell-Smith, she is a luxury wedding photographer, her work is exquisite and her training and business ethics really appealed to me. 

At around the time I was looking into her training courses and mentoring programme, I saw that she was starting up a brand new training school, along with her husband, film-maker Brent Kirkman, called Training by Lumiere.  http://www.trainingbylumiere.co.uk

“This was made for me!” was my first thought, I knew I just had to join their training programme. I was a delegate on their first ever 6 month foundation training programme and I am very proud to say I have been trained and mentored by Kate, I have most certainly learned from the best in the industry.



My photography style


Photographers are often asked to describe their ‘style’- and my chosen genre is lifestyle: which means I capture images, as much as possible, as they unfold. 

Lifestyle photos have a "real life" feel to them, they look like a moment frozen in time, unstaged. It's natural style family photography, capturing the true personality of you and your children. No forced smiles and awkward poses here!

I absolutely love documentary or lifestyle wedding photography, it feels real and shows true life moments. And as I love looking for those special moments and capturing them for you so that when you look back over your wedding day you will feel a true sense of how it was. 

I like to give you natural wedding photos, I love elegance and I like to capture an air of purity in my images, making the most of light and movement and showing genuine reactions and feelings as much as possible.You can read more about how I approach wedding photography here.

But what matters the most to me is how I make you ‘feel’. The best photographs should cause an emotional response – make you feel happy, sad, or even nostalgic. Maybe even to feel like a “blubbering wreck” (quote from one client!) at the love they can visibly see in their images…

I like to call my style "Emotive Storytelling"... my images are more than photographs, they are your stories, your memories, your life and love.