“Capturing love and feelings, telling your stories through pictures”

Hello and welcome to my website!

I am Zelda Rhiannon and I am a wedding and lifestyle family photographer based in South Wales.

I hope that by looking through my work you will get a real sense of how I work and the style of photography I do.

I photograph weddings and families in a natural way, creating images that feel relaxed with a light and airy feel to them.

I love “documentary” or lifestyle wedding photography, it shows true life moments. And I love looking for those special moments so that when you look back over your wedding day you will feel a true sense of how it was.

I like to give you natural wedding photos, I love elegance and I like to create an air of purity in my images, making the most of light and movement and showing genuine reactions and feelings as much as possible. My approach to wedding photography is first of all to listen to your needs and what you want from your wedding photos, I’m the type of person who needs to know all the details and make sure I’m fully prepared and organised!

My roots have greatly influenced my style and photography approach, you can read more about that on my next page.

Photographers are often asked to describe their ‘style’- and my chosen genre is lifestyle: which means I capture images, as much as possible, as they unfold.

Lifestyle photos have a “real life” feel to them, they look like a moment frozen in time, unstaged. It’s what I would call natural style family photography, capturing the true personality of you and your children.

But what matters the most to me is how I make you ‘feel’. The best photographs should cause an emotional response – make you feel happy, sad, or even nostalgic. Maybe even to feel like a “blubbering wreck” (quote from one client about the love they can visibly see in their images!)

If I could give my work a name I would call it “Emotive Storytelling”… my images are more than photographs, they are your stories, your memories, your life and your love.


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